Deliverance Christian Center, Inc.
                                   "Reaching the lost"
Birthed in the heart of Pastor Alonzo    
McDaniel at a very young age was a desire
to  win souls for Christ.  While tending his
parent's livestock, God gave him a vision of
multitudes of all nationalities standing
before him with hands lifted up to Christ.  
The burning in his heart to see souls saved
led him to reach out to the lost by sharing
the gospel under bridges, back alleys,
street corners and wherever his feet could
tread.  God allowed him to see many souls
delivered and set free.  
He served under the late
Bishop James E.
at the Fayetteville Deliverance
Evangelistic Center in Fayetteville, NC for
many years being faithful in whatever tasks
were given him until God let him know that
it was time to run with the vision that he
had given him many years ago.
The directing of the Lord led him and his
wife, Evang. Fredericka McDaniel, to
Jacksonville, FL to start Deliverance
Christian Center-a church where God is
exalted and the devil is defeated!